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The link you used adalat 60 fiyatı get here is faulty. It’s an excellent idea to let the link owner know. Engraving is drawn and executed by hand, using the Classic Patented Lindsay Air Graver.

Sketches provided by engraver upon request for customer approval. Just wanted to give an update. I was taking for my asthma. I have now stopped my inhaler once again for a week now. I dont’t wake in the night coughing or struggling for breath.

It is all because of the one and only god sent JAMES! I would like to tell u the foolish things that I did in the past when I tried to wean my inhaler earlier and also share my success that I have attained only because of you. 2 tsp 3 times, Amla 1500 mg for almost 4 months now and also Bcomplex 50 for almost 3 months but was not taking it along with ACV. This was the time when I was trying to stop my inhaler and I was struggling for 2 months no sleep, coughing at night and finally was back on my inhaler. But a week ago I started taking b complex with ACV, Magnesium malate and Zinc my asthma seems to be gone on the same day. Though you advised me several times to increase my stomach acid, I was having problems with TMG earlier which made me constipated.

You mentioned that TMG could cause electrolyte imbalance. I was taking Metagenics tablets containing high doses of Chinese Rehmania for my thyroid and adrenal support. At that time when I got my blood checked the potassium was slightly high. I started panicking but you were very sure it was due the cardiac glycosides properties of chinese rehmania.

When I stopped the chinese rehmannia the potassium level dropped. It was during the same time when I was taking the high doses of chinese rehmannia I also started trying TMG which caused be problems at that time. I have totally stopped taking those tablets for a longtime now and have been able to take 750 mg of TMG 3 times with no problems. Was I not digesting food poperly which caused a lot of histamine realease due to undigested proteins in the blood? Was I undermethylating which increased my histamine levels? As I told you earlier I have now stopped worrying about my health and things that are out of my control, have reduced my stress levels and changed a lot. If I had been sharp I would have attained this success quite early itself.

Chronic sinusitis was like buy one get one free offer. If I was on my inhaler my chronic sinusitis symptoms would be worse. Once I stop my inhaler, my sinusitis also goes away. Ozone did save my life when I had my sinus infections. I believe my mastoditis was gone a long time ago. I did the ozone dosage u recommended But I was still in fear whether any infection was still lingering and hence was troubling you with too many questions.

But recently started covering my ears when I go out in the cold weather and no problems now. Did some nerve get damaged due to the infection? James My ultrasound of my thyroid says I have nodules and probably thyroiditis. As I mentioned my adrenals are building up, should I try the pau d arco, andrographis,chapparal mixture? I do ozone rectally for killing the infection? You also mentioned about taking potassium iodide.