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The link you used to get here is faulty. It’s an excellent idea to let the link owner know. The link you used to get here is faulty. It’s an excellent idea to let the link owner know. The link you used to get here is faulty. It’s an excellent idea to let the link owner know. TEO uses a unique blend of magic, music, and story telling to enable you to experience the magic with an entertaining combination of theater, art, and audience participation.

TEO captivates the audience with charming delight and places emphases on ENTERTAINMENT and LAUGHTER presented with a warm light hearted approach. Every show is family friendly, using clean humor that’s suitable for all ages. TEO is a Maryland based magician who has been performing magic professionally since 2000. His fascination with magic began when he was in elementary school.

Since then he has been performing for Kids of All Ages. Over the years TEO has performed for the general public at many venues and function such as benefits, convention walk around, corporate events, and parties. TEO is available for hire throughout the Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. As an experienced childrens entertainer TEO has delighted audiences young and old with his unique fun blend of Comedy, Magic, Music and Balloon Sculpting, ensuring a one-of-a-kind party extravaganza that you and your child will NEVER forget! Your child’s birthday is a very special time. So you will want to be reassured that you have made the right choice when choosing an entertainer.

Booking the TEO Magical Experience Show is your guarantee of piece of mind that your child’s special day will be even more special, magical and memorable for all the right reasons. TEO can cater for all age groups, from Toddlers to Teenagers and everything in-between – He can even entertain Adults. A 45 minutes of Amazing Magic: Entertaining, Fun, and Interactive, Magical Experience For The Kids! I guarantee more audience participation than any other entertainer.

A Special Birthday Surprise Gift: For the Special Birthday Boy or Girl! A Balloon Sculpture: For Each Of The Birthday Party Guests! A Special Magical Illusion: In Which Your Child Will Be The Star! Street magic was made universally popular by the likes of David Blaine and Paul Zenon. TEO can provide great street magicians who can amaze people at your street event with his close-up magic.

Either type of act is suitable for a street event. The Source Recycler Intelligent recycling today to preserve the promise of tomorrow. The innovation of an entire industry has arrived. The Source Recycler is THE intelligent answer to the disposal of food waste.

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An incredible technological advance now addresses the overwhelming waste and environmentally damaging mishandling of food disposal currently in place. The critical need for effective compliance with environmental controls and regulation. The Source Recycler addresses these issues and provides a truly pioneering alternative. The Source Recycler is a processing system that efficiently converts food waste into burnable cylindrical briquettes. Food is cleaned, drained of water and compressed then wrapped in cellulose for ease of disposal. Government agencies, schools, hospitals cruise lines, recreational facilities, airports, large businesses, the entire food industry will immediately benefit and profit from this extraordinary and ground breaking scientific advance. Discover why this new technology provides the answers to the problems of food waste and why the Source Recycler is the only intelligent source for food waste disposal.