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Neu: es gibt neun neue Fragen und Antworten. Some absolutely serious, some less serious. Of course the answers are snap-shots perhaps I will see some things from a different angle in a few weeks. By the way you won’t find my favourites here. And of course you can suggest more questions to be answered by mail. New: There are nine new questions and answers.

New: Thanks to Lena and her inspiration I could add 17 new questions. 3 times 13, that fits very well! Ampel, wenn gerade kein Auto kommt? Do you cross a street, when the traffic light is showing „red“? Just take some time I hate people who can’t wait. Especially when there are children around. What kind of mobile phone do you have?

I should have been a nice girl and kept a Nokia! How long do you listen to your ringtone until you answer the phone? As short as possible, even though I like my ringtone very much. Welche drei Dinge nimmst du mit auf eine einsame Insel? Which three things do you take with you to a lonesome island?

Welche drei Dinge rettest du zuerst? Which are the first three things you rescue? My laptop, my purse, my guitar. What’s the biggest challenge for you at the moment?

To find a job that fits for me and my ambitions. Hast du schon mal etwas Verbotenes getan? Have you ever done something forbidden? Don’t tell me you never skipped a lesson! Was hast du gerade in deiner Hosentasche?

What are the last things you have bought? Can you reach your tip of the nose with your tongue? I think I do this the next time when I have children. What do you do against cold feet? I wear warm socks und put them onto a hot water bottle. I have cold feet on principle! Was tust du, wenn du nicht einschlafen kannst?

What do you do, when you can’t fall asleep? I think about the things I would like to dream about this night. What is the question you can answer every time, even when you are roused in the middle of the night? Was ist dein erster Gedanke, wenn du morgens aufwachst? What is your first thought when you wake up in the morning? Was ist das erste, was du morgens nach dem Aufstehen tust?

Ich mache Licht an und tapps ins Bad. What is the first thing you do in the morning? I switch on the light and scuffle into the bathroom. Hast du als Kind mit einem Kuscheltier geschlafen?