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We believe there is one, and only one, true God: Creator and Sustainer of all things, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Self-existent, Immutable, Spirit, Incomprehensible, Eternal, Sovereign and Master of universe, infinitely perfect in love, goodness, holiness, and justice. We believe within the one Being or essence of God, there eternally exists three distinct yet equal Persons, God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. We believe in the full Deity and full humanity of Jesus Christ. These two distinct natures, perfect deity and perfect humanity, are inseparably united in the one Person. We believe in Jesus Christ virgin birth, sinless life, death on the cross for our sins, burial, bodily resurrection from the dead, ascension into heaven where at the right hand of God, He is our High Priest, Advocate, Savior, and Lord and in His visible and bodily return. We believe in the full Deity and full personality of the Holy Spirit, and in His work of regeneration and sanctification.

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