Quanto custa o remedio motilium


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For most of man’s history, herbs were the main form of medical care. This remains the case in a few less developed nations of the world. They are often used as remedies for everything from infections to inflammation. However, most are not a part of nutritional balancing science because hair mineral analysis reveals that most of them are very yin, somewhat toxic, and not needed at all. In fact, we discourage people from using herbs except for short-term use for these important reasons. Many herbs are slightly toxic by nature, or they would be classified as foods to be eaten every day. Nutritional balancing focuses on renourishing the body.

While herbs can do this to some degree, their toxic qualities always interfere with the ultimate balancing and healing of the body. I am sorry to have to say that some herb companies, particularly the larger ones, may not be telling the truth about this. One problem is that as herb companies grow larger, they must produce more products, and it becomes harder and harder to supply large amounts of herbs in a natural way. Herbs seem to be much more toxic lately.